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Web Hosting Made Easy

Shoalhaven Internet Services provides a high quality Web hosting services that make it easier for you to build and maintain your corporate Web presence.

  • Technical Expertise - Shoalhaven Internet Services is run by skilled specialists to ensure that the service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Quality and Reliability - Shoalhaven Internet Services offers a server and line capacity to meet your demands now and into the future when expansion is required.
  • Security for your Web site - Shoalhaven Internet Services allocates space on a firewalled server within secure premises. Shoalhaven Internet Service's security policy specifies security mechanisms throughout the server network and the physical environment.

What's the difference between Domain hosting and Web hosting?

At Shoalhaven Internet, we look at your total corporate image. 

Arguably the most important facet of your business is e-mail. A sale depends on being contacted, and your e-mail address should reflect your company name, not that of your local internet service provider. 

Your stationary should bear the corporate address, and be permanent. 

As an example, If your company name is Sunflowers Pty Ltd, your internet presence could be 


and your e-mail address(es) will be 


And so on. 

This is total domain hosting. Web hosting is a subset of the domain-hosting model, which simply allows the web site to be visible to the world. 

What features are available to allow us to use our corporate e-mail identity?

"Catchall" account management.

This standard feature allows any e-mail sent to your domain to be relayed to your existing account. In this model, an e-mail sent to

would be automatically relayed to your physical account. Note that the last entry is obviously a typo on the users behalf. It doesn't matter - you will still receive that e-mail. This is an ideal starting point for companies wishing to establish themselves on the internet. It provides an unlimited number of e-mail aliases for you to use.
The only problem with this approach however, is that all e-mail gets sent to a single mailbox, and it must then be redistributed by your staff. To take the model to the next stage, we add additional mappings, while still retaining this "catchall" facility. 

What happens when my company grows to needing more "real" e-mail addresses?

Make no mistake about it, this will happen. It may be because you have opened an office in a different location, or that the e-mail volume being received simply needs to be pre-filtered so that it conveniently gets to the right department or section.

To fix it, we simply add more mappings, so that is mapped to a separate e-mail address to the catchall account.

We can create this account for you on this server, or you can use your local service provider, and create a separate account for fred on that server.

Depending on your local resources, this facility will enable up to about 30 or 40 separate e-mail addresses. Above that, its best to look at something a bit more sophisticated such as a local server at your site, with a UUCP feed from the server here. We can help you establish this as well. Its the same result however - a true corporate identity, with a reliable and redundant mail service.

So just to summarise, this feature allows you to direct Fred's e-mail to his own account space. This physical mailbox could be located on our network if you wish, or on the network of your local internet service provider.  As a side issue, we strongly recommend that you use your local internet provider where possible. We will relay your mail to his network, for collection. (It makes sense to use the closest port of call to retrieve your e-mail.) We will direct "Fred's" e-mail to where you desire.

Emergency Remapping?

If your internet service provider changes, and you are temporarily off the air, contact us and we will establish an interim facility to allow you to store e-mail until a new service provider can be established. This perhaps illustrates the main advantage of securing a domain-hosting environment. You become service provider independent.
(Including us, if you ever wish to relocate the domain hosting facility).

What about the Web?

We can provide all the normal facilities for hosting your web site that you have become accustomed to. The support facilities provided by the web authoring and graphic design teams is professional and geared to providing quality. We monitor your web presence and will provide suggestions where appropriate. (Some complementary, some not - the aim is to provide you with a successful site.)

Would you expect anything else from the team that designed and managed one of Australia's biggest web site in terms of hits on the site? (The Hobie Worlds 1998)


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