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To change your password you will need to telnet to the server
This is, like most things, tricky the first time, and then a breeze the next times. (Well... not as tricky anyway ...)

Win95 Users.
Either click on Sandpiper's Telnet button, or type in TELNET on thestart|run screen of windows95.
When telnet opens, select the Connect Menu, then Remote Host.
The settings are
Port Telnet  (The Default)
Terminal Type VT-52 (The Default)
Click The Connect Button and follow the prompts. You will be asked for your login and password, then
1. Asked to enter your old password,
2. Asked to enter your new password, and then
3. Asked to retype it. After all this, you're password will be changed, and your telnet session will end.

You can cancel the process at any time by pressing and holding the <ctrl>button and pressing C

If successful, you're new password takes effect immediately.

Other Telnet Programs.

The above remarks apply almost universally to all the Telnet programs available.
Please ring if you are having difficulties.

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Modified Oct 23, 1997

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